We provide our services with high quality standards as per customer’s expectation and more, especially in:

a. Consultancy in Laundries Activities.
b. Room and Bath Linen.
c. Food and Beverage Linen.
d. Uniforms and Personal Clothes.
e. Carpet, Furniture and Curtains.


Dry cleaning: dry cleaning is one of our delicate processes that we offer with extra care. We’ll dry clean your suits, your leather jackets and anything else you want to have handled professionally.

Laundering: our laundry services are innovative and gives the ultimate stain removal results with latest technology of laundry equipment. The service is suitable for all items and delicate that require water-based cleaning.

Steam pressing: In our laundry, the steaming system is distributed to special units which are fit with the purpose for pressing different items with efficient result to have the outcome in a very high pressing quality.

Leasing & RFID System: in this option, we provide our client the items requested as per their specification and insure to have enough number of par stock. The advantage of this system are :

1. Save time & staff.
2. Controlling with more efficiency & effectivity.
3. Using latest technology in laundry field and apply it in your facility.
4. Getting all required equipment from laundry provider.
5. Generating any kind of report as: daily, weekly, monthly, quarter yearly with a click of button.
6. Identifying all client’s items with serial code and microchip.
7. Easy of locating items with the utmost speed.
8. Online connection with free software.

Furniture cleaning: we do clean arm chairs, sofas, curtains and any other furniture items that need to be handled safely and carefully with right cleaning steps and right chemical materials and treatments.