Treatment of Garments & Clothes

We do care to follow the standards for any item which needs a special way of treatment. At meantime, we keep following:

1. Pre-treat stained items.
2. Use special chemical for each type of stain.
3. If, after a wash, the stain remains, go through the pre-treatment process again before drying your clothes.
4. Process each different type of the items separately by customer’s name, then each customer will go through the necessary action based on required process as: linen, uniforms, F&B items …etc.
5. Using tunnel washer to keep the life longer for the processed items.
6. Using modern machines & equipment to get more efficiency and effectiveness in work.
7. Finishing the items with last touches to be sure about the quality of used process.
8. Classifying and sorting the items as per customer’s request.
9. Deliver the out-come in hygiene and fresh way.